Contivo integrates Trade Ranger

Trade Ranger has selected software from Contivo to accelerate data mapping across its various partners systems.

Buy-side e-procurement grouping Trade Ranger has selected Contivo’s software to automate data transformation between its network of trading partners. Trade-Ranger will be able to automate the integration of its members’ systems and data.


Contivo helps enterprises integrate data more effectively than traditional hand-coded methods. Comprised of the Contivo Analyst and the Contivo EIM Server, the software automates data transformation for integration across multiple platforms.


Trade Ranger uses Contivo’s solution in conjunction with its webMethods integration platform to connect trading partners. Contivo provides Trade Ranger with scalable, reusable data models, based on standards such as the API Petroleum Industry Data Exchange (PIDX).


Trade Ranger CTO Cornelius Morley said, “Contivo is a vital component of Trade Ranger’s integration strategy, providing us with an automated and scalable data integration solution to what was an error-prone and time-consuming task. Using Contivo’s technology, we are able to perform data mapping in a fraction of the time compared to a hand-coding approach. Contivo’s approach to integration is key in building and maintaining the links between our trading partners’ systems.”

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