Drill-to-the-earth model!

Landmark is making the shared earth model a reality by integrating real-time data with OpenWorks.

Landmark Graphics Corp. has just released (actually it was released last year but no-one noticed!) its ‘Drill-to-the-Earth Model’ (DTTEM) software bundle, made up of a range of Landmark’s applications. The new package is designed to enable asset team members design wells and visualize real-time drilling operations in a 3-D earth model. Ivar Haarstad, project leader with Statoil, retraced the project’s history: “Back in 1999 Statoil developed a prototype in-house for data integration and real-time decision-making. This system was tested on the Heidrun field and has resulted in new work processes, reduced operational costs and increased oil recovery. This promising technology led Statoil to implement the new WITSML standard as embedded in Landmark’s OpenWire product.”


DTTEM was designed to support real-time decision-making. By integrating DepthTeam Express and Presgraf, the system performs pore pressure determination prior to and during the drilling. OpenWire enables the real-time decision-making process by loading real time MWD/LWD and trajectory data into OpenWorks. DecisionSpace AssetView enables the asset team members to visualize the results of real-time earth modeling while DecisionSpace TrackPlanner provides real-time, visual drag-and-drop well path planning.

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