Halliburton—Larson InSite log viewer

Halliburton has teamed with CGM plot specialist Larson on new log delivery technology.

Halliburton unit Sperry-Sun has teamed with Larson CGM Software and announced a new service ‘linking remote logging operations to decision makers’. HalLog Viewer is a new service that provides customers with logs in the computer graphics metafile (CGM) format. The new light-weight web-enabled well log viewing tool allows for the secure, quick, and easy exchange of complex graphical information.


Well activity information can be captured from Halliburton’s InSite data logging wireline or logging-while-drilling systems. The technology enables Halliburton to deliver log data and related information over the internet and extranets. Halliburton’s petrophysics manager Jeff Grable said, “The use of TIFF and CGM/PIP image formats produces a rich environment and functionality for easy viewing, printing, and annotating logs.”

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