SynthaGram hi-res passive 3D display

StereoGraphics Corp. is using century-old technology to produce a ‘glasses-free’ 3D display. The 9 mega pixel screen offers photo-realistic imagery.

StereoGraphics Corp. has just launched two new 3D displays using its glasses-free SynthaGram technology. SynthaGram uses lenticular technology to create ‘realistic’ 3D still and moving images. The top of the range SynthaGram 222 offers ‘phenomenal’ 3840 x 2400 pixel resolution—approaching ‘photographic-quality’ realism.


SynthaGram works by projecting nine separate perspectives on the surface of the screen. The process was originally invented in 1908 and is considered to be a precursor of holography. A refinement of the original technique involves ‘corduroy-like vertical lenticles that refract only in the horizontal direction.’


StereoGraphics also supplies content-creation tools including plug-ins for 3D Studio Max. The Synthagram 222 retails at $17,995. Another model sports a 42" display suitable for glasses-free 3D demonstrations in tradeshows. More from

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