OMV deploys AS$ET

OMV is using a new version of IHS Energy’s portfolio management software to model international fiscal regimes.

OMV is rolling out the latest version of IHS Energy’s E&P portfolio management package AS$ET. OMV uses AS$ET to evaluate investment opportunities and to model its existing portfolio.


Hans Roithinger, economist at OMV said, “One key benefit for us is increased standardization. AS$ET contains ready-to-use country files, including fiscal systems, ensuring consistent results. We have tested other economics tools and chose AS$ET because of its excellent price-performance-ratio.”

Release 3.1

The latest version, release 3.1 includes a new interface designed to enable non-economists and novice users to perform quick-look evaluations.


Candida Scott, director of Economics Projects at IHS Energy said, “In some situations, AS$ET has achieved a 20 percent difference in outcome of post-tax predictions for a country, when compared to traditional stand-alone techniques”.

Monte Carlo

An upgraded Monte Carlo module uses statistical simulation to include post-tax scenarios for component projects. A custom template enables users to create reports in company-specific formats. AS$ET is supported by IHS Energy’s information gathering and reporting services, including PEPS and GEPS, which ensure fiscal models are based on in-depth and timely data.

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