Spotfire—IHS Energy web cast

In a webcast this month, IHS Energy showed how Spotfire’s analytical tools could be used to leverage data in P 2000 to facilitate property analysis. An Iris 21 interface is planned.

IHS Energy VP Tim Hopkins and and Tim Loser, application specialist with Spotfire Inc. co-hosted a web cast earlier this month vaunting the merits of coupling Spotfire’s analytical capability with IHS Energy’s massive datasets. Spotfire is used by companies like Anadarko, BP, ChevronTexaco, Amerada Hess and Halliburton as an analysis and decision support tool. Several of IHS Energy’s US clients are also Spotfire users.

P 2000

The companies have collaborated on three proof of concept uses of Spotfire as an analytical front-end to data in IHS Energy’s PIDM/P2000 database. The pilots covered studies of success ratios, drilling performance and bypass pay. IHS plans to offer consulting support for modeling Spotfire to the US-focused PIDM data sets – with a possible extension to the international IRIS 21 database.

Success rate

The demo involved a large independent oil company’s evaluation of a new property. Spotfire was used to query and display PIDM data to produce ‘activity plots’ of wells coming on stream, showing which companies got better initial rates. Color coding of map views highlighted various combinations of operators and production metrics. The tool was used to define ‘success’ as a particular metric and to determine, from the historical data, the likelihood of a certain criteria being achieved. A success ratio (defined as a minimum 250 bbl/day initial production) was used to reduce the number of operators down to a peer group of the top ten operators in the area.

Process guide

Once a particular Spotfire methodology has been certified, it can be ‘encapsulated’ in a common process guide and stored as a ‘wizard’ for later use. The process can then be repeated on all fields in an area—by operator—or by productive zone. The process guide lets investigators test different parameters for in-depth analysis. Tom Hopkins believes that Spotfire ‘improves the value of the horribly underutilized data in IHS’ databases’. En passant we would like to note how a recorded Webex demo improves the value of an online web cast!

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