Software ‘amnesty’ from GeoTech

Environmental software house Geotech is offering a ‘software amnesty’ to users of competitor products. Enviro Data manages environmental quality information for the petroleum industry.

Environmental data specialists Geotech have come up with a novel marketing ploy a ‘software amnesty program’. Geotech claims that many users are not satisfied with their current environmental database management solution. Geotech is inviting unhappy environmental database users to switch to its own Enviro Data solution in its ‘amnesty’ program.


Enviro Data is a user-friendly tool for managing environmental quality data for petroleum and other organizations. One large oil company uses the software to store laboratory and field data for their refineries, transportation facilities, and processing plants, to generate regulatory reports, and to provide data for GIS maps.


Enviro Data stores and displays site environmental data using Microsoft Access for the user interface and Access, SQLServer or Oracle to store the data. Users can cost-effectively import analytical and other data, review the quality, select data, and generate reports, graphs and maps, or provide data to other programs.

Lab and field

Capabilities include a lab and field data interface, data validation, a user-friendly selection screen, and integrated graphing, mapping and reporting. The software can be easily customized for specific project needs.

Read the book

Geotech’s Dave Rich wrote the book on the management of environmental data. Published last year, ‘Relational Management and Display of Site Environmental Data’ is also a very good introduction to data management in general and to the basics of relational database theory. The book starts with an overview of site data management concepts, and then progresses through relational data management theory, the design of the database tool, and implementing a data management system.

Relational management and display of site environmental data. David Rich, Lewis Publishers2002 . ISBN 1-56676-591-9,

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