Geodetic ‘correction’

ExxonMobil’s Richard Wylde clarifies our report from the ESRI PUG last month with a renewed plea for standardization.

ExxonMobil’s Richard Wylde wrote Oil IT Journal to correct our mis-reporting of his talk to the ESRI Petroleum User Group in last month’s Journal. “My talk was not about the ‘mismanagement’ of coordinate reference systems as you indicated, but about applications using incorrect parameters and incorrect naming— the inability of most E&P applications to maintain co-ordinate integrity over a large geographical area covered by a single datum such as the N. Sea. Most software links the datum name with the transformation parameters at time of project set-up. The fact is that you do not need to ‘transform’ co-ordinate data unless you change the datum. Basically what we are seeking is standardization of nomenclature, parameters and algorithms—and the use of International Standard data exchange formats such as the UKOOA P formats both for import and export of data.”

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