Hess, BP optimize with Emerson

Amerada Hess and BP are using Emerson Process Management’s asset optimization technology. Emerson leverages web technology and expert systems for real time asset management.

Amerada Hess has selected Emerson’s process performance monitoring solution ‘e-fficiency’ to provide real-time performance monitoring of its ‘Scott’ N. Sea platform. e-fficiency will be used to track performance of centrifugal compressors, to enable maximum performance gains and to anticipate preventive maintenance.


BP also recently selected Emerson as technology partner on the development of an expert system for plunger wells, based on Gensym Corp.’s MaxGas expert system. Data from field-based real time units and SCADA systems is routed to the expert system which uses ‘fuzzy logic’ to determine optimization strategies. MaxGas offers ‘intelligent alarming’ when abnormal conditions are encountered—suggesting corrective actions to operators. Asset Optimization leverages Emerson’s PlantWeb infrastructure to automate the flow of information on asset reliability and performance.

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