90TB NAS storage for Statoil’s 15,000 PCs

Statoil has selected storage technology from Network Appliances to consolidate its Windows 2000 and Unix workstations into an enterprise IT architecture.

Statoil has reorganized its corporate IT, consolidating 15,000 Windows 2000 workstations and 500 UNIX workstations into one company-wide infrastructure. Network Appliance (NetApp) has provided networked data storage in what is described as a ‘major redesign’ of Statoil’s systems architecture.


Statoil IT ops manager Kjell Magnus Myge said, “We wanted to consolidate our systems into a simple and more manageable environment, while increasing data availability and reliability.

Windows 2000

This led to a company-wide adoption of Windows 2000 and a unified data storage solution from NetApp. Stability and reliability have been excellent and we have made considerable savings in total cost of ownership.”

90 TB

Statoil’s seismic R&D makes its storage requirements considerable. Statoil’s previously fragmented 90TB of data was consolidated to 22 NetApp systems. The project led to savings in operational costs, capital expenditure and improved access to critical business data.

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