ChanneLinx transactions for OFS Portal

OFS Portal is to use ChanneLinx’s transaction management software to support electronic exchange of business documents between its partners.

OFS Portal is expanding its relationship with ChanneLinx to build a ‘business framework’ for OFS Portal members to transact electronically with trading partners. Last year (Oil ITJ Vol. 7 N° 2) OFS Portal adopted ChanneLinx’s e-catalogue content management system. In the current deal, OFS Portal is to deploy ChanneLinx’ transaction management service.

Web DI

Web DI facilitates the exchange of business documents and data between trading partners with disparate back-office systems. WebDI reformats trading partner’s business data on the fly. Even non-automated companies can achieve EDI compliance with WebDI’s eForms service.


ChanneLinx VP Bob Novak said, “OFS Portal has already uses the ChanneLinx content management application. Adding WebDI for document exchange shows how our services and applications can combine to assist organizations to achieve their e-commerce goals.”

Le Sage

Bill Le Sage added, “This agreement facilitates e-business for ChanneLinx and OFS Portal members. These services provide our members with cost-effective transaction document routing, streamlining payment cycles, improving productivity and reducing costs.”

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