VoxelVision to release pocket visionarium

VoxelVision is to roll-out a small-room version of its PC-cluster based visualization hardware and software bundle. Statoil is to deploy VoxelVision’s GigaViz interpretation tool in its asset teams.

VoxelVision will be rolling out its new turnkey solution for processing and immersive visualization of geophysical data at the EAGE exhibition to be held in Stavanger next June 2. GigaSphare is the result of a collaborative development by VoxelVision and visualization specialist 3D Perception.


GigaSphare is designed for small rooms and is delivered as a hardware and software bundle along with support frames and installation material. Installation normally takes a couple of days. GigaSphare will be demoed at the EAGE Exhibition on an 8 CPU, 20 Gb RAM Linux cluster, GIGAviz 2.0 software, dual CPU client PC and a fully edge blended 3000 Lumen dual DLP projector system with 1600x1024 image projected onto a spherical screen measuring 4,8m by 2.2m. A complete GigaSphare setup with hardware and software will be available at the EAGE at the discounted price of $175,000.


In a separate announcement, VoxelVision has revealed that Statoil is to acquire GigaViz licenses for use in 5 different asset teams. In what is described as the start of a cooperation, VoxelVision will provide Statoil with its cluster technology for use in interpretation and visualization. In return, Statoil will provide feedback for inclusion in forthcoming releases of GigaViz.

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