Ovation partners with Sony, Spinnaker

Ovation Data is offering oil and gas storage solutions built around Sony’s latest PetaSite tape system and Spinnaker’s high-end Network Attached Storage.

A better NAS?

Following an in-depth investigation of current storage management Ovation has concluded that the ideal solution is one which combines both NAS filers and tape. Ovation has therefore teamed with NAS Filer vendor Spinnaker Networks and Sony to provide dual media storage solutions.


Ovation has purchased the new Sony PetaSite CSM-200B mass storage tape library, based on SAIT technology. The new PetaSite CSM-200B library has up to 108 terabytes (TB) native capacity in a single 19-inch cabinet, with a scalable total native capacity up to 1.2 petabytes (PB).


Ovation’s partnership with Spinnaker Networks offers a two-stage distributed file system. Spinnaker’s NAS offers scalable, centralized management for data sharing among Unix, Linux, and Windows clients. Spinnaker’s clustering technology can be deployed in up to an 11 petabyte file system.

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