MVE ‘ready for 64-bit world’

The advent of 64 bit computing on commodity hardware is a game-changer according to Midland Valley’s software developers.

Midland Valley Exploration (MVE) is anticipating the arrival of low-cost 64 bit computing with the announcement of a new product line ‘NMove’. New micro-processors from both Intel and AMD will bring 64 bit computing to the masses. 64 bit computing removes one of the last barriers to desktop computing – the limitation of addressable memory. Todays Intel-based architectures are limited to 4 GB of memory. Tomorrow, with Intel’s Itanium chip or AMD’s Opteron, 64 bit computing will allow for a theoretical maximum address space of 18 billion Gigabytes!


The Linux operating system has already been ported to 64 bits Red Hat and SuSE Linux corporations respectively and a 64-bit edition of Windows XP is due ‘real soon now.’ MVE has announced a new 64 bit version of its structural modeling package – ‘NMove’.


MVE developer Rob Smallshire said, “NMove application will be ready for 64-bit Windows XP and 64-bit Linux on both AMD or Intel platforms from day one. The race is on to deliver 64 bit applications, which will bring down the costs of using large data sets and will impact risk by offering improved better data and better modeling provided by full 3D applications.”

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