Paradigm’s Houston Visionarium

Paradigm Geophysical has released new Probe and Vanguard modules and inaugurates Visionarium

Paradigm’s latest release of Probe is designed to ‘reduce the guesswork’ in AVO analysis. A new Rock Physics module provides deterministic relationships for converting seismic data to well log properties. Tri-attribute cross-plotting further broadens Probe’s data analysis and interpretation capabilities and enables the explorationist to analyze relationships between attributes. Results can be visualized in VoxelGeo.


Paradigm’s Vanguard reservoir property generator has also seen enhancements to its ‘state-of-the-art’ inversion technology. Vanguard 3.3 expands inversion functionality with a new, multi-attribute, Neural Network inversion procedure for the prediction of well log data of any type at all seismic trace locations. A new Rock Physics module has been developed to expand Vanguard’s reservoir characterization capability. Paradigm is opening a new Visionarium in Houston next month. The installation sports an 18 ft. screen by Mechdyne and edge-blended Christie Mirage 4000 projectors.

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