Phoenix for ExxonMobil reserves reporting

Petro-Soft’s Phoenix reserves and production reporting system has been deployed by ExxonMobil for worldwide reserves reporting.

Calgary-based Petro-Soft reports the successful completion of a two year project to replace ExxonMobil’s legacy production reporting system. Petro-Soft’s Phoenix reserves management system has now replaced systems employed by the corporation’s predecessor companies. The Oracle-based reserves management solution was used by ExxonMobil to compile and report its 2002 global reserves replacement figures. ExxonMobil’s requirements included internal and external reporting, global units of measure conversion, historical data migration and the ability to work on stand-alone PC’s as well as on the corporation’s worldwide distributed database network.


Petro-Soft president Colin Knill credited the success of the project to ‘cooperative development’ saying, “Through our study of ExxonMobil’s exacting reserves management and reporting requirements, Phoenix has been designed as a flexible tool that meets global reserve tracking and reporting needs, and which can be easily customized to meet future needs”. After two years of development, Phoenix was rolled out in August 2002. The project included enhancements to base system, testing, historical data migration and data loading. More from

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