Schlumberger ProSource GIS roll-out

A new ’integration engine’ from Schlumberger promises GIS-based management and query of multiple data sources.

At the ESRI PUG, Schlumberger was showing off its latest GIS-based data access tool ProSource. ProSource, a high end GIS data-management focused tool, and its web-based PointSource version, will be available for general release shortly. PointSource leverages ESRI’s ArcIMS distributed GIS which has been extensively tested in SIS’ IndigoPool acquisition and divestment portal. ProSource ‘browses and manages information in multiple distributed repositories’. The ProSource interface can be customized to display multiple data types and to integrate users’ workflows. Information management professionals need to quickly and easily find, create, edit and manage data in these disparate information sources.

Integration Engine

ProSource leverages new technology developed by SIS – the Schlumberger Integration Engine (SIE) which provides a common integration framework supporting common data access and meta-data definitions for multi-domain, multi-datastore access and management. SIE deploys web services-based user management for single sign-on, security and entitlement. Abstraction layers provide configurable integration with various enabling technologies, web servers, application servers and portal technologies. The SIE promises a ‘straightforward way to configure access to information in any data store, relational or non-relational’.

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