electroBusiness to transact OFS Portal

OFS Portal and e-transaction specialist electroBusiness are to cooperate on a standards-based transaction infrastructure.

Calgary-based electroBusiness has signed an agreement with service-sector grouping OFS Portal for the provision of a standards-based electronic transaction infrastructure. The deal will provide a framework for members of OFS Portal to transact electronically with trading partners. OFS Portal members will be able to exchange electronic documents with their clients using electroBusiness’ e-Business Utility platform. “We are excited to be working with OFS Portal to support their members’ electronic invoicing processes and to further promote the PIDX standards. This agreement represents a great opportunity for electroBusiness, and the member companies of OFS Portal,” said Cal Fairbanks, CEO, of electroBusiness.


The agreement further seeks to clarify ownership of transactional data which is confirmed as the sole property of OFS Portal members and their clients. OFS Portal has been instrumental in the development of the industry-wide electronic classification and transaction standards through the Petroleum Industry Data Exchange (PIDX) Committee of the American Petroleum Institute. The parties will continue to cooperate on developing and supporting industry-wide electronic data standards. Bill Le Sage, OFS Portal CEO said, “This deal advances e-business for the members of OFS Portal and electro-Business by streamlining the payment cycle, improving productivity and reducing costs”.

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