Hosted production management

New production management software from Texas Computer Works will be hosted by Petris.

Texas Computer Works (TCW) is to offer a new production evaluation application, ProdEval, via the Internet. ProdEval will be available from the PetrisWINDS NOW! application services provider (ASP) platform. ProdEval combines production management with economics for cash flow analysis. ProdEval imports production data through TCW’s own data collection system, SCADA, direct entry, public data sources or internal corporate data stores. ProdEval can be used to forecast future production rates and reserve life and can export financial data to accounting systems.


TCW president Harold Eversen said, “Efficient production information management separates the more profitable companies from the rest. Without a good system in place, real opportunities to increase stockholder value are lost.”

Petris Winds features vendor neutral, on-demand software to meet the different business needs of a user organization. ASP services can be provided via the Internet or as an in-house managed solution behind a company’s firewall.

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