FFA image processing for GeoViz

Foster Findlay Associates has used SIS’s API to embed its image processing technology in GeoViz.

Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS) and UK-based Foster Findlay Associates (FFA) have integrated seismic image processing technology into SIS’s GeoViz seismic visualization tool. FFA’s SEA 3D (Seismic Engineering Application) extracts structural and stratigraphic characteristics from seismic data volumes. SEA 3D is based on FFA’s image processing and analysis (IPA) technology.

GeoViz API

FFA has leveraged the new GeoViz application programming interface API to process seismic data volumes loaded into GeoViz. The results can be visualized in a 3D view. SEA 3D offers quick-look investigation of sedimentary environments, trends and geometries at both field and basin scales. GeoViz offers seismic data volume roaming and cursor visualization à la Magic Earth. SIS claims to have over 2500 GeoViz users throughout the world.

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