BG chooses Inside Reality

BG has selected Schlumberger’s Inside Reality immersive well planning and geosteering environment for its UK headquarters.

BG (ex British Gas) has selected Schlumberger’s Inside Reality VR system for its Interactive Visualization Center (iVC), located in Reading, UK.


BG Petrotech business relationship manager Mark Setrem said, “Inside Reality (IR) is BG’s software of choice for the advanced workflows of our iVC. “IR gives us the ability to plan our wells using seismic, geological and dynamic reservoir models interactively, in true virtual reality. The combination of the 3D-spatial and interactive well trajectory planning with IR represents a step-change in our workflow processes.”


IR is claimed to be the only commercial VR software for interactive well planning and real-time geosteering. Users navigate and interact with the data by walking, pointing and grabbing or by using a 3D data wand instead of keyboard and mouse.


IR’s Rutger Gras added, “BG can expect returns on investment from reduced decision making time, improved well performance and increased recovery”.

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