Landmark’s Corporate Data Archiver

The first component of Landmark’s ‘Corporate Data and Knowledge Management’ product line is the Corporate Data Archiver—a data store for definitive versions of data and interpretations.

Landmark Graphics Corp. has announced the release of its Corporate Data Archiver (CDA), a web-based data management tool for storing and protecting upstream digital assets. CDA provides rapid retrieval of critical data and knowledge, and reduces the need to rework projects or reacquire data due to lack or loss of information.

KM product line

CDA is the first release in Landmark’s new ‘Corporate Data and Knowledge Management’ product line. CDA stores definitive versions of data, information and knowledge, such as prospect evaluations or reservoir studies and is designed to visually record a project, automatically creating a snapshot of selected data. Snapshots include rich, contextual metadata about projects and eliminate the need to restore project data ‘just to see what’s there.’

Key word

A user-friendly interface allows users to locate archived information by entering a key word or phrase. CDA consolidates project data and documentation for output to Landmark’s PetroBank Master Data Store, where project archives can be securely managed, or saved to corporate IT disk and tape systems.


Subsequent releases of CDA will support archiving with industry standard formats such as SEGY, LAS, WellLogML and third-party products. CDA leverages technology developed by PGS (the Slegge data store) and from Exprodat—which developed a Project Archiver for Conoco back in 2001 (Oil ITJ Vol 6 N°12).

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