Oil prices right to your PDA

PocketPC users can now access real-time commodity prices, market indicators and news from OILspace. ChevronTexaco and ConocoPhillips are currently trialing the system.

OILspace is extending its OILwatch web-based content and communications platform to Pocket PC-based PDAs. OilWatch offers real-time news and pricing information from NYMEX, IPE, Platts, Dow Jones, Reuters and more. Users can also collaborate with colleagues in real-time from their desktop, laptop or while away from the office.

Strong demand

OILspace believes there is a strong demand for flexible, low cost access to commercial information while on the move. The OILwatch, already a web-based system, was tailored to fit the unique screen sizes of mobile devices and adapt quickly to support new oil content coming into the market.

PDA trial team

ChevronTexaco, ConocoPhillips, Hess Energy Trading, Kuwait Petroleum Company, Trafigura, Morgan Stanley and Scan Energy are all part of the current OILwatch PDA trial team. The trial gives market watchers a competitive edge by keeping them connected with the market.


OILspace CEO Steve Hellman said, “OILwatch PDA is the latest of our software innovations specifically for oil professionals. This establishes OILspace well ahead of our competitors in terms of choice of content, diversity of delivery platforms and speed of implementation at the lowest possible cost.”

$ 195 per month

OILwatch was released in January 2002 and has since grown to a global customer base of 120 firms and over 650 users. The service starts at $195 per month.

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