Veritas data Exposed

Veritas has used INT’s GeoToolkit to develop its ‘Expose’ viewer. Expose brings seismic data visualization to sales personnel and clients.

Veritas has leveraged INT’s GeoToolkit in its Vega seismic processing package and is now benefiting from GeoToolkit’s use of Trolltech’s Qt cross-platform GUI development tool. Veritas’ ‘Expose’ seismic data viewer has been developed to run on both Unix and Windows platforms to support Veritas’ sales personnel who require laptop access to data for demonstration to clients.


Veritas’ Manager of Interactive Software Development Gill Howell observed, “Switching to Qt involved a rewrite of all of Veritas’ Motif GUI code but little change was required for code developed with the GeoToolkit.”


Expose functionality includes zoom, pan, scale color change of seismic data. Trace amplitudes can be measured and comparisons made between different sections. Expose is now undergoing testing in the Asia Pacific region. The system holds the equivalent of 100,000 kilometers of 2D data at 8-second record lengths. Veritas reports ‘outstanding’ graphical resolution and system performance. Expose can read data in Veritas’ native processing format, eliminating data conversion before visualization with off-the-shelf viewing tools.

Qt Designer

GeoToolkit display primitives are now integrated into Qt Designer, further simplifying the task of enhancing existing applications or writing new modules. Later, Expose will be applied to 3D data volumes and deployed in other regions.

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