TGS Nopec data center

TGS-NOPEC unit A2D is moving its LogLine data center to a secure, high-tech co-location facility managed by Sprint’s E-Solutions unit.

TGS-NOPEC and wholly-owned subsidiary, A2D Technologies, are moving their data center to Sprint E-Solutions co-location hosting facility in Denver. The move will bring improved security, redundancy and will centralize of data and applications. TGS Nopec’s well log assets and internet applications will benefit from Sprint’s Tier 1 Internet backbone connectivity. The high-tech facility offers redundant power supply, automated environmental monitoring, intrusion and access control, and 24x7 staffing.

Log-Line Plus!

Initially, A2D’s Log-Line Plus! e-commerce portal for well log data will be hosted at the new facility but other data types from A2D and TGS-Nopec will be added at a later date. Bandwidth to and from the facility is 10 mbps – but this can scale on demand.


TGS-Nopec CTO David Hicks said, “LOG-LINE Plus! is the first step in our strategy to provide our customers with access to the data they need to be successful in the most secure environment available. We will continue to deploy additional data types through this enterprise and provide an integrated data mechanism for access and delivery of crucial data for the oil and gas industry”.


Sprint VP sales Peter von der Linde said, “Helping customers simplify their information management is what Sprint is all about. We’re helping A2D achieve its business objectives by making this business-critical information more available and reliable. Our E-Solutions Centers reflect Sprint’s ability to give customers a new level of value beyond collocation and hosting. Customers can now come to us at any stage of a business challenge and get complete customized or pre-configured internet-based solutions for their specific needs.”

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