Saudi data management for Spectrum

Saudi Aramco has awarded a major docmuent management contract to Spectrum and its local partener Saudi Geophysical. Up to 20 million documents will be digitized and loaded to LiveLink.

UK-based SpectrumITech (the I.T. Division of Spectrum Energy and Information Technology Ltd.) and its local partners Saudi Geophysical have been awarded a data management contract by Saudi Aramco. The two year contract was awarded to Saudi Geophysical with technical and managerial expertise to be provided by Spectrum.

20 million documents

The contract encompasses the rationalization, indexing and electronic capture of up to 20 million documents sourced from a number of different Aramco locations. Documents vary in size and format. Those in poor condition are being optically enhanced prior to scanning. The captured images, together with their associated metadata are being up loaded into Aramco’s 35,000 seat OpenText LiveLink repository.


Spectrum’s proprietary data enhancement and capture software and associated procedures are now fully operational. Spectrum Operations Manager Jon Lucas said, “The award of this contract will allow Aramco to benefit from Spectrum’s considerable experience with similar large scale document rationalization and capture projects on behalf of a number of UK and European oil companies. We see this contract as a spring board for developing Spectrum’s business throughout the Gulf region”.

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