DAEX Correction

We goofed in our account of the PPDM Data Exchange project last month. Schlumberger’s Steve Hawtin puts us right.

In our piece on the PPDM Association’s XML-based data exchange project last month, we accidentally ascribed the acronym ‘DAEX’ to the project. Worse still we misquoted Kelman’s Greg Hess as using it! Steve Hawtin, integration ‘champion’ with Schlumberger Information Solutions put us right, “DAEX is a Schlumberger trademark acquired from Oilfield Systems along with the DAEX software. DAEX actually predates XML, but the underlying design always included the concept of a readable ‘standard’ encoding for data. When the XML definition came out Oilfield Systems extended the support libraries to allow customers to use it. The latest release (DAEX 4.2) still accepts the ASCII and Binary encodings but most customers stick with the XML.”

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