T H Hill joins Petris Winds

Petris’ Winds software hosting environment now offers four drilling engineering packages from T H Hill Associates.

Houston-based well planning and casing design software house T H Hill Associates is to offer its software via Petris’ ASP Service - PetrisWINDS NOW! Four new drilling engineering applications will now be available of a monthly subscription basis.


Shawn Altizer, business development manager with T H Hill explained “WellOptimizer, CasingDesigner, Rig Toolbox and Drillstring Toolbox will be bundled into a single drilling engineering suite to allow a user access to all the applications with a single login. Our alliance with Petris provides both an innovative distribution channel for our software tools and the opportunity to reach target markets more effectively.”


Petris CEO Jim Pritchett added, “T H Hill’s applications greatly enhance the solution set we can provide our clients and complement our growing body of oil and gas software and services.”

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