Spatial Search Engine

Geodynamic Solutions has released a new spatial search engine which links multiple map-based data sources to enterprise IT.

Houston-based Geodynamic Solutions, Inc. has just released Spatial Search Engine (SSE), a web-based, search technology that helps users locate information through a map interface. SSE uses a proprietary GeoFilter to intelligently search for information on both the internet and internal corporate file systems. SSE includes an adapter for accessing information stored in Documentum—other document management systems will be added ‘real soon now’.


SSE handles data in a variety of formats including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and HTML. SSE also works with all ESRI-based mapping systems including ArcGIS, ArcIMS, and Petrolynx Web Maps. SSE’s open and extensible architecture allows integration with other search engines supporting XML/SOAP and can integrate Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software and will support MS-Index Server searches.


SSE security includes built-in encryption and can be integrated with IIS/NT or LDAP authentication. Spatial Search Engine can be licensed on a corporate or user basis in both a hosted or intranet environment. More from

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