Wireless integration

ZettaWorks’ new wireless networking practice will leverage its experience of Tibco and UnBound technologies in the high growth area of wireless messaging.

ZettaWorks has just announced a new wireless Universal Applications Messaging (UAM) practice designed to extend e-business to wireless devices. UAM is built on ZettaWorks’ expertise in integrating TIBCO applications, coupled with UnBound Technologies’ wireless business platform.


ZettaWorks COO Tom Pash said, “Wireless UAM revolutionizes business, because it allows the extension of business processes to the distributed enterprise.”


According to UnBound CEO Chase McMichael, “Our studies indicate that instant message accounts for business purposes will increase more than 200 percent over the next four years.” More from unboundtech.com—notably a paper on ‘EnronOnTheGo’ - a ‘perfect example of a bidding interaction via the web’... err - up to a point!

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