Handbook online

Schlumberger has put the latest version of its 35 year old Field Data Handbook on the web. The i-Handbook is available for free on slb.com.

Schlumberger has put its cementing, stimulation and coiled tubing field data handbook online. The new online version, the ‘i-Handbook’, is available for free download at www.slb.com/oilfield/ihandbook/.

35 years old

Schlumberger first published its Field Data Handbook 35 years ago. It has since become an industry standard for petroleum engineers - providing the key data engineers need to drill and complete a well.


Schlumberger Oilfield Services’ Roger Keese said, “Using the i-Handbook engineers are able to do in-field quality checks, basic materials formulations and quick cementing computations to expedite drilling the well. This advanced resource includes calculators for fast and consistent computations and an exhaustive tubulars database with dimensions and mechanical properties data.”

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