Internet SCADA

eLynx software allows producer St. Mary to remotely monitor pipeline flow data. Alarms and text messages can be broadcast to pager, phone and email.

eLynx Technologies is using its MeterLynx solution to automate St. Mary Land and Exploration Company’s pipeline delivery points. eLynx’ built St. Mary’s MeterLynx solution to allow for hourly polling of operational data and collection of electronic flow meter files. St. Mary can now view current flow rates, pressures, and other values over the internet along with stored historical production data.


St. Mary LLE VP Kevin Willson said, “There is obvious value to St. Mary to know real-time production numbers on our pipeline delivery points. eLynx offers a simple, reliable and cost- effective solution that gets us this critical data”.

Text message

St. Mary uses eLynx’s database alarm callout feature, which sends text messages, via mobile phone, to operations personnel when an alarm occurs. Other notification options are pager, phone and e-mail when a well is down. MeterLynx is able to do all of this using wireless communications to transmit data from the well to the eLynx Data Center. More from

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