Compliance monitoring

VisionMonitor Software has released new environmental compliance tracking and monitoring software.

VisionMonitor Compliance Intelligence (VMCI) proactively tracks, logs, analyzes and forecasts environmental compliance operations. The system is VisionMonitor’s latest and most advanced environmental management information system (EMIS) solution and was developed in response to the increasingly onerous activity of managing and monitoring compliance with HSE regulation in the energy industry.


VisionMonitor chairman Torgeir Mantor said, “The energy industry is still subject to heavy regulation. HSE and financial regulations continue to change, making it difficult for operators to stay current with the requirements of federal, state and local regulators. Many companies make extensive use outside consultant time to assure compliance with these regulations.”


VCMI runs on Microsoft’s .NET and comprises modules for data gathering, event tracking, emissions monitoring, predictive modeling and compliance assurance. The web-based software offers portal views tailored to plant (Plant Vision) or corporate (Corporate Vision) workflows. More from

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