Equant IP VPN for TFE

TotalFinaElf has awarded a €30 million contract to France Telecom unit Equant for a worldwide voice and data IP-based virtual private network.

TotalFinaElf (soon to be re-baptized ‘Total’) has awarded a major telecommunications contract to France Telecom unit Equant. The ‘Contact’ secure IP-based virtual private network (VPN) will link 1,500 TFE sites in 75 countries with local bandwidth of up to 655mbps.


TFE IT director Philippe Chalon said, “The newtork is the backbone of our information system and has to be robust, secure and capable of evolving as with business needs. We are seeking to rationalize IT infrastructure, to distribute applications and corporate data and to share knowledge between domain experts. Equant’s IP VPN provides bandwidth on demand between our 1,500 sites throughout the world.” The network, which uses the Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), will be fully operational in 18 months.

30 million

The network offer TFE secure internet and intranet access and data including voice over IP. A report in Les Echos valued the contract in the range of € 30-60 million over a three year period. France Telecom’s Olivier Voirin told Les Echos, “Data transmission costs halve every two years, but this is compensated for by ever-increasing data volumes.”

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