IBM and Platform Computing are deploying Grid computing for PDVSA’s reservoir engineers. IBM believes the ‘Grid’ is primetime-ready thanks to the Globus OGSA-compliant middleware.

Venezuela state oil company PDVSA is implementing Grid technology from IBM and Platform Computing to improve its reservoir simulation applications. IBM is working with PDVSA to ‘quantify the significant business benefits’ of the technology.


PDVSA Technical Operations Manager Emilio Augustin said, “PDVSA is excited about this new technology and its potential across the enterprise.”


IBM also announced new agreements with Grid middleware vendors Platform Computing and DataSynapse both of which will play key roles in helping IBM deploy Grids in the enterprise. IBM Grid guru Tom Hawk said, “The commercial market for Grids is set to expand, particularly with the introduction of the Globus Toolkit 3.0, the first Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA)-compliant Grid middleware.”

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