Paradigm processes for OBC

New seismic processing routines from Paradigm Geophysical cater for special acquisition geometries including ocean bottom cable and long offests.

Paradigm Geophysical has added new 3D pre-stack depth migration modules to the latest release of its GeoDepth seismic processing package. GeoDepth 7.2 introduces new Kirchhoff traveltime and wave equation algorithms.

Ocean bottom

The new traveltime solver for 3D Kirchhoff pre-stack depth migration was designed for structural imaging in areas with strong velocity contrasts. Other enhancements are tailored for large aperture and long offset data, areas that exhibit transverse isotropy and for imaging converted waves using ocean bottom cable (OBC) acquisition geometry.


These solutions have been efficiently parallelized for distributed memory platforms such as Linux clusters and can run without interruption in the presence of node failures.


A new release of Paradigm’s time to depth conversion package Explorer includes improved mapping and solid modeling functionalities. Version 6.3 of Explorer integrates Paradigm’s iMap mapping technology and now incorporates the 3D model-building functionality of SolidGeo.


The new Explorer functionality includes new map scaling options, the use of grids in depth conversion with solid models, and a new volume and map calculator. Explorer now also offers geostatistical mapping including collocated cokriging, Bayesian kriging and optimum polynomial trend estimation.

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