Secure wellsite coms for Talisman

Canadian encryption specialists NE2 and Malibu Software have provided highly secure communications to Talisman’s ‘tight hole’ drilling locations.

The Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC) has reported success from a project to develop a trusted communications link from wellsite operations. The project was a collaboration between Talisman Energy, Malibu Engineering and Software and encryption specialists NE2.


Talisman was looking for a highly secure knowledge management solution that enabled the capture and transmission of critical geology information from the wellsite to the office.


The NE2:GRID encryption engine was embedded into Malibu’s Wellcore Prospect Start-up module. This distributed database gathers and manages wellsite information including daily progress reports, strip and mud logs etc. NE2:GRID provided truly random encryption keys on Talisman’s communication devices.


NE2:GRID runs entirely automatically and provides seamless encryption and decryption ensuring field compliance and simple, department-wide adoption. Once in the office, Wellcore manages the distribution of reports and documents to Talisman employees and external partners.


The NE2:GRID - Wellcore integration was extensively tested over satellite, Internet and cell phones in November 2002. The system successfully negotiated keys and transferred large files even over low-speed dialup connections.

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