ArcIMS GIS-enables Petris Winds

Petris Technology has GIS-enabled its Internet Data Room and Winds Enterprise applications with ESRI’s ArcIMS distributed web-based GIS.

Houston-based Petris Technology Inc. has announced a new version of its PetrisWINDS Enterprise (PWE) data management solution and has introduced a new ‘limited edition’ version, PetrisWINDS WorkGroup. This new version is designed to provide federated data management capabilities to asset teams within companies of all sizes and budgets with a more focused approach to data management.

PWE V3.4

PWE overcomes the barriers between software systems and makes all data accessible to any application, speeding data access, improving data quality and protecting the intellectual capital of the organization. Version 3.4 introduces GIS functionality—implemented using ArcIMS. A new Public Data Adapter (PDA) provides access to selected public data sources. The system comes with basic geopolitical background layers but users can add other in-house or commercial GIS layers such as lease boundaries, pipelines, seismic coverage and project team responsibilities.

The Public Data Adapter

Petris uses ‘Smart XML Adapters’ to view and transfer data between applications using the patented, standards-independent, Dynamic Common Model. The PDA allows users to integrate external and internal data stores.

Internet Data Room

Petris is also rolling-out a new version of its Internet Data Room (IDR) application. Users can now build their own online Internet Data Room in as little as one day. IDR V 3.0 also leveraged ESRI’s ArcIMS to provide a web-based GIS capability.

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