SAP announces web services

ERP software leader SAP has announced a new, web services-based integration and development platform. SAP’s NetWeaver will integrate both Java and .NET architectures.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) leader SAP has just announced ‘NetWeaver’, its new web services infrastructure. NetWeaver is described as “a complete integration and application platform designed to provide extensibility across heterogeneous IT landscapes”.

.NET and Java

NetWeaver is interoperable with Microsoft .NET and IBM WebSphere (J2EE). The new platform supports all SAP solutions and will deliver integration on multiple levels. ‘People integration’ will come through SAP products like the Enterprise Portal and Mobile Infrastructure.


Information integration derives from the Business Information Warehouse, SAP Knowledge Management and Master Data Management, while SAP Exchange Infrastructure will provide business process integration.

Unified IDE

These components all run on the SAP Web Application Server and were developed using a single unified IDE, the SAP Developer Studio. Likewise management of the NetWeaver application is through the unified console (SAP CCMS).


SAP gave NetWeaver a high profile rollout with video presentation from Hugo Plattner and Bill Gates. The latter seems to enjoy cooperating with SAP – particularly since over 50% of SAP’s world-wide deployments run on Windows. Gates announced that Visual Studio .NET will ‘wholly interact’ with SAP’s NetWeaver.

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