Well planner for GoCad

Developed at the BP Center for Visualization, GoCad’s well design module was built for ‘No Drilling Surprises’ real-time operations.

Earth Decision Science has announced a new Well and Platform Design (WPD) module for GoCad. The new module was developed as part of the Immersive Drilling Planner project—a joint development between EDS and the University of Colorado’s BP Center for Visualization.

Collision risk

The software lets GoCad users select targets, design individual well trajectories or plan platform location and slot allocations. The module computes collision risks with existing and planned wells. Targets location can be picked

interactively in 3D on any type of data inside the reservoir property model or within the seismic volume. Well paths are automatically generated to one or more targets using minimum curvature and engineering criteria such as nudge and kickoff depths and rates, and dogleg severity. Wells inside a platform are automatically allocated to the optimal platform slot.

No drilling surprises!

The WPD is designed for ‘No Drilling Surprises’ (NDS), real-time operations. Here close coupling between the geological model and the well planner ensures optimal drill paths computation in real-time.

Rock Solid Images

In a separate announcement, Rock Solid Images announced an agreement with Earth Decision Sciences for the acquisition of licensed GoCad technology to be used in RSI’s advanced seismic reservoir characterization tools and reservoir models.

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