SIS announces Living Model

Schlumberger has completed the acquisition of Petrel Workflow Tools and is in the process of turning Petrel into the core technology of a new Windows-based reservoir modeling platform—the ‘Living Model’

Now that Schlumberger has completed the acquisition of Petrel Workflow Tools, the integration of this popular interpretation and modeling tool into the Schlumberger product line has begun. Speaking in Oslo this month, Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS) president Ihab Toma announced the launch of the ‘Living Model’.


Toma said, “The Living Model combines Petrel software with our leadership in seismic and simulation, into the ultimate seismic-to-simulation workflow. The Living Model will support fast, dynamic and proactive reservoir management.”

Ultimate Workflow

SIS considers that while seismic interpretation and reservoir simulation software is mature, this is less true for reservoir modeling which requires better integration. As a prospect evolves through exploration, appraisal, development and exploitation, it is critical to have the ability to integrate new data, rapidly update understanding of the subsurface and reduce uncertainty.

Digital Oilfield

Such capabilities, key features of Petrel, are increasingly important as the industry moves toward the digital oilfield. The Living Model offers rapid modeling along with risk and uncertainty evaluation. Users can build dependable models and instantly update decisions with the latest information throughout the life of the asset.


Toma concluded, “Petrel is the core reservoir characterization technology for our next generation Windows software. Our vision is to deliver a fully integrated, scaleable software platform, based on a common shared earth model. This will support real-time data feeds and be used through the entire exploration and production workflow.”

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