Schlumberger IT for KOC

Kuwait Oil Company has signed with Schlumberger for an enterprise-wide information system. SIS’ DecisionPoint portal will be the key component in a new knowledge sharing culture.

Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) has awarded Schlumberger a five-year contract for the provision of an enterprise information system. The KOC system will provide single-point access through a secure portal, leveraging GeoQuest software and services, Schlumberger Information Solutions’ (SIS) domain expertise and SchlumbergerSema business and knowledge management consulting.


KOC deputy chairman Farouk Al-Zanki explained, “KOC is building a knowledge-based culture where information is integrated, shared and readily accessible. When all our engineers and geoscientists can leverage enterprise information, better business decisions will result. These solutions will also enable us to implement best practices based on lessons learned, which will improve operational competence.”


The solution will encompass seismic, well log, wellbore, production, sample and interpretation domains. Access to data and tools is provided through the SIS DecisionPoint portal.


SIS president Ihab Toma added, “KOC intends to leverage technology to take a leadership position in the oil and gas industry. KOC understands that technology is the enabler and that the real force behind moving to an integrated information management system lies in creating a knowledge sharing culture.”


Back in July 2002, KOC signed a separate five-year contract with Landmark for access to the full suite of Landmark’s geophysical, geological, reservoir, data management and economic software.

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