Leak-off test database from ITC

Norway-based ITC advocates an international standard for leak-off tests. ITC is offering a free trial of its LOT Analyzer and has built up a database of quality-assured tests from the Norwegian North Sea.

Norway-based Integrated technology Consultants AS is working towards an international standard for leak-off tests. Leak-off tests are used during drilling to determine rock strength and borehole integrity. Halliburton and ITC have expressed the need for a standardization of leak-off tests.

5000 tests

ITC has studied 5000 Norwegian North Sea leak-off test and found that less than 10% met ITC’s QC guidelines. ITC is inviting interested parties to collaborate in establishing best practices leak-off test data collection, analysis and presentation.

Free software

ITC is offering a free evaluation version of its LOT Analyzer. For those working in Norway, ITC has a LOT database of 500 quality approved leak-off tests.

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