SAIC teams with EPS

EPS and SAIC have allied to offer production optimization support to existing and future users of EPS’ i-DO system.

Edinburgh Petroleum Systems (EPS) is teaming with international IT consultants SAIC in a ‘production optimization implementation support alliance’. The alliance will provide E&P companies with cost-effective implementations of EPS’ i-DO system for well and surface network optimization. i-DO automates daily production engineering tasks to maximize profitability through a combination of increased production, lower downtime and reduced lifting costs. SAIC will provide i-DO users with system integration, implementation and support, consultancy and other IT-related services.


EPS MD Laurence Ormerod said, “i-DO and our ‘aim-gain-sustain’ process ensures early successes as it paves the way to sustained optimized production. A world class alliance partner like SAIC will help us implement, integrate and support our systems more effectively for a greater number of users in a shorter time.”


i-DO leverages corporate investment in SCADA systems through a comprehensive system of engineering and IT which has been developed over a three-year period. i-DO has undergone extensive testing in Venezuela, Kuwait and the North Sea.

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