SmarTeam systems for Kvaerner

SmarTeam’s enterprise-wide data management solution is to be deployed at Kvaerner Oilfield Products to rationalize plant information management.

Dassault Systèmes unit SmarTeam is to provide $1 million worth of product lifecycle management solutions to Kvaerner Oilfield Products (KOP). As a leading manufacturer of undersea oil production and distribution systems, KOP generates vast quantities of product design data, supply chain information and enterprise resource details. Maintaining current versions of designs and matching them to other business information had become a challenge.

Data management

SmarTeam’s enterprise-wide data management solution will be used by KOP to access and manage its data, to design re-use and to replace its document control system.


KOP engineering VP Morten Braass said, “We constantly revisit and modify our designs and retrieval and updating of files is difficult to manage. We need to know that we are working with the correct designs and we need this data to work alongside our other business information. Our legacy systems were supposed to create knowledge, but they weren't talking to each other”.


SmarTeam EU president Chris Jones added “With 38 companies in the Aker Kvaerner Group, this is an important contract for us. This initial deployment creates a real opportunity to prove just how good SmarTeam is in one of the world’s largest engineering companies.” Following initial deployment in KOP, SmarTeam use is expected to extend to the rest of the Aker Kvaerner Group.

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