EASY does it for BP’s inventory

A BP pilot surplus inventory disposal program is now to be offered to industry by Network International and The Procurement Center.

Online equipment auction house Network International (NI) and The Procurement Centre (TPC) have announced a new inventory management program—Equipment, Audit, Sales and Yield (EASY). The program sets out to provide field identification, rationalization and monetization of surplus equipment.


EASY grew out of a pioneering project at BP’s lower 48-business unit, initiated mid 2002. NI CEO Stuart Page said, “BP launched the EASY program last year to reduce US inventory and to address the need for corporate reporting accountability.” TPC president Tracy Stephens added, “We were pleased that BP showed confidence in our supply chain solution for this idle asset situation.”


EASY provides real time audit of surplus assets by reconciling physical assets with yard and vendor inventories and financial records from SAP, People Soft, J.D. Edwards and Oracle. Network International was formed from the combination of NetworkOil, Premier Auctioneers, and Associated Auctioneers.

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