ARC jumps on digital bandwagon

ARC Energy trust is to deploy Digital Oilfield’s OpenInvoice solution throughout its Western Canadian operations.

Following a successful pilot, ARC Energy Trust, one of the largest conventional royalty trusts in North America, has executed a corporate license for DigitalOilfield’s OpenInvoice to deploy the software throughout Western Canada. OpenInvoice is a web-based collaborative environment for operating companies and suppliers. OpenInvoice is claimed to reduce invoice processing time and costs by as much as 80%. ARC is also deploying the OpenInvoice Partner Server, providing real-time electronic integration with RC’s financial and accounting system.


ARC Controller Van Dafoe said, “We have seen positive results from our pilot implementation of OpenInvoice. In addition to the staff time and financial savings, its scalability is very important to a growing company like ARC.”


Digital Oilfield President Rod Munro added, “We are already the leading supplier of this type of technology to large independents, and now ARC’S adoption of OpenInvoice demonstrates that the system is accessible and practical for mid-size companies.”

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