Worldwide Winds

Petris is teaming with French consultants Ipedex to offer its Internet Data Room and Winds software to the international market.

French consultancy Ipedex is to team with Petris to develop Internet Data Rooms for the EAMEA region. Petris’ data and IM technology will be leveraged by Ipedex’s world-wide presence to offer solutions including project data rooms and neutral data and IM platforms. Current Ipedex services include geoscience consultancy, engineering supervision, HSE and quality management.


Ipedex geoscience boss Henri Blondelle said “These innovative tools will improve support of clients’ asset management. The technology will underpin information flows between operated sites, our technical support divisions and our customers.”


Petris’ technology includes the Internet Data Room and PetrisWinds—for web-based data management, access and analysis of project databases.


Petris’ European CEO Eric Déliac added “Presentations to European oil companies and asset brokers have been extremely encouraging. We have already started our first data room with a major European company, only weeks after presenting the technology”.

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