XML data exchange

Public Petroleum Data Model Association releases XML data exchange schema.

The Calgary-based Public Petroleum Data Model Association (PPDM) has made available the results of its XML-based data exchange project - DAEX. The DAEX project is a joint-venture between industry, data vendors, software developers and the Association to develop ‘an inexpensive and simple solution to what was previously a complex and expensive process’.


Greg Hess, VP Technology with Kelman Technologies (KTI) and project member said, “KTI has successfully implemented XML with clients for the seamless exchange of data between disparate systems using the DAEX schemas. Future success will depend upon the level of support from industry leaders as more companies adopt XML technology.”


DAEX comprises a set of publicly available XML and XML-Schema standards. ‘Value-added’ samples using open source technologies such as Java, and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) are also available to members.

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