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TGS’ Amira 3.0 moves generic data visualization into the realm of virtual reality.

TGS Inc. has announce the release of a new version of Amira, its 3D visualization and geometric modeling toolkit. Amira 3.0 is used to visualize 3D image data sets in a variety of industries including oil and gas. First released in 2000, the latest release of Amira extends the products use to the visionarium with amiraVR for use in immersive installations, such as large-screen stereoscopic projections, CAVE or Holobench systems.


TGS VP of R&D Mike Heck said, “Amira lets users visualize their data without any programming knowledge—allowing scientists to concentrate on what they know best and not have to worry about coding.”


A developer edition—AmiraDev 3.0 provides an object-oriented application-programming interface (API) that allows the user to add new components by C++ programming. Amira supports a multitude of file formats and boasts some 160 modules and interactive editors. Amira leverages the OpenGL and Open Inventor graphics libraries. More from tgs.com.

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